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Offering personalized proposals for all types of clients

solar now puerto rico

At Solar Now Puerto Rico we are committed to educating about the benefits of solar energy and accelerating its adoption in both residences, businesses and industries providing the community with CLEAN, RELIABLE and LOW COST ENERGY.

For us the satisfaction of our customers is essential, so we help them make informed decisions, from the choice of high quality photovoltaic products, design, installation and maintenance of the equipment. This helps to keep clean Puerto Rico and not depend on electricity, lowering and/or eliminating its high cost.

Our Mission

The mission of Solar Now Puerto Rico is to accelerate the adoption of solar energy by being the distributor and installer with the most growth and reliability in the industry. Provide solutions and differentiate ourselves from other companies in the sectors, striving to be the most innovative solar company that provides equipment, engineering design and technical services to meet the unique needs of residential and commercial operations, installers and developers of solar energy. We have more than ten years of experience in project management in pharmaceutical and advanced technology industries. For us each client is different; each proposal is customized, made to your needs and to obtain energy optimization. We guide all our actions towards total transparency with the client, quality of services, personalized service and trust.

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